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Your Questions Answered

Here a few of the questions I'm often asked about acupuncture


Does acupuncture hurt?

I use the finest possible needles during treatment. They are incredibly thin, similar to the width of a hair, and don't cause discomfort. There may be some points around the body that are a little more sensitive than others, but many people report not feeling any sensation as the needle goes through the skin. 

When the acupuncture point is reached, there is often a sensational felt. This sensation is often described as a 'dull ache' and until it's felt is difficult to explain. This sensation is the acupuncture point being stimulated and is completely normal. It is often described as being very relaxing! 


Why should I try acupuncture?

Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to help treat a huge variety of problems. Acupuncture is a 'holistic' treatment, which means it treats the whole person, rather than just the physical symptoms of disease. Of course, it can help with physical problems, but a Five Element Acupuncturist will pay close attention to your emotions, lifestyle and your mental health. By using acupuncture points around the body, it is found that not only physical symptoms can improve, but mental and emotional wellbeing is often reported. 

To find out more, check out the page on what acupuncture can do for you. 

Can acupuncture help heal my symptoms? 

Symptoms are distress signals that are sent from the body to let you know that something needs addressing. Acupuncture helps to address these signals by bringing the energetic body back to a relative state of balance. 

More information about how acupuncture can help can be found here. 


Do I need to have any symptoms?

No! Ancient people used acupuncture and other forms of medicine to stay well and to prevent illness from occurring in the first place. Acupuncture is an incredible way to keep the body, mind and spirit fine-tuned and in a state of balance and harmony with the world. 


How many treatments are needed?

I want to make sure that treatment is as effective as possible. The number of treatments depends on how long problems or symptoms may have been causing you concern. I advise that you receive treatment once a week for four weeks, moving to once a month if you feel the treatments are having the desired effect. 


Eventually,  we want to be seeing each other once every three months, normally at the change of season. This is to make sure everything is going well and that you're kept in the best shape for the next three months.  

When and where can I get treatment?

I currently treat from two locations in central London. Locations can be found here.

First appointments in the day are available from 8 am and the last 10 pm.