• James Bartlett

Acupuncture & the Spirit

Sunday 31st May 2020

Acupuncture is thousands of years old. So it’s no surprise then that there are many traditions and styles of acupuncture! I practice a tradition known as ‘Five Element Acupuncture.’ This tradition treats not only the physical aspect of the person but the mind and the spirit. ‘Spirit’ is a word that is often misunderstood in our culture. Images of religions, spooky apparitions or even the type of liquor we may enjoy all share the same word. But the Spirit could also be called our soul or life force. It’s the part of us that connects with others, enables us to give and receive love and to live with a sense of ease. To be in ‘good spirits’ literally means to be uplifted and in a positive state of mind!

Sadly up until recent years, the spiritual aspect of acupuncture was mostly removed from the practice in China, and treatment that focussed only on the physical side prevailed. But the ancient Chinese knew that the physical, mental and spiritual parts of us aren’t separate. If one part gets sick, the other parts will inevitably suffer.

Fortunately, this tradition was salvaged and bought to the Western world by Professor J. R. Worsley. He taught that for the physical parts of us to be able to heal, the spirit and the mind couldn’t be ignored. This tradition teaches us to pay attention to all aspects of the person, not just the symptom. It is often found that the cause of the symptom is unrelated to the area where the pain or problem is!

My job is to get to know who you are to identify the cause of the problem or symptom. Once this cause has been identified, I’ll use often just a few hair-thin needles in specific points around the body to help correct and support it. The body has an incredible capacity to heal, and with a little assistance, it can begin to recover towards better health.

I believe that by looking around in the world today, it’s about time we started to look after the inner part of us…the spirit.

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